[Solved] Can we run the application on mac as well?

Recently a new update to mac (macOS Catalina) was released and I saw that there is a new option to convert the built-in IOS applications to macOS Catalina. Here’s a link that proves it’s possible on Apple website: https://developer.apple.com/mac-catalyst/
Do you think it will be possible with thunkable X?

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Hi there,

Some external services would need to implement some relevant updates before we could work on adding this feature to Thunkable X.

If we get to work on adding this in the future we will certainly make an announcement about it!



It can certainly make Thunkable even more cross-platform😃
Could this be possible?

I certainly could see some great cross-platform tools taking advantage of the Apple ecosystem, from phone > tablet > laptop > desktop.

Is github a kind of roadmap for you?