(solved!) Any way to make a switching mechanism?

ill type here to make the question more clear.
i want to create a “Gallery” program and i want to make it so that when you click a button, lets say “back” it would give me a a picture that was before i skipped it, and the same to “forward”.

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Can you explain where the photos of the Gallery are stored?

For example, if you have a table that holds images then you will add an image component in your screen and two buttons (next and back).
When the screen opens you will read the table and display the first image and when the next button is clicked you will read the next image in the table and show it in the image component. If the back button is clicked you will read the previous record from the table and display the image. You will need to create a variable that holds the position of the table to know where to go.

This is the general idea.

i will try making the variable, thanks.
I will update if i can do it, thanks for the information!

Hello again, sorry for disturbing, i guess, the actual question is how to make that variable, rather than making the skipping.

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I made this simple design

I uploaded the images into the project assets

Following are the blocks

Back button code

Forward button code

battery images

I hope this makes it clear.

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Wow, this is indeed a really cool one, thanks, alot.

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