Move to next row in Airtable

Hi All,

I have checked on forum but nothing similar with design that i want.
Here how design look like.
Page 1
users can click any image that he want.

Page 2
where the details will shown and next button will take part from this page.


hope i can get some advice for this issue.

Because of a change that Airtable made to their database structure, it will not work to have photos/attachments in Airtable if you plan to use them in Thunkable. You can store urls in Airtable and access images that way but they cannot be stored directly in Airtable. If you need somewhere to upload the photos, Cloudinary works well for that.

I don’t understand your question. Can you give a specific example such as “The user clicks on the photo of an elephant and then clicks to go to the next screen and then I want the word ‘Keldai’ to be displayed”?

yes that exactly i want to do.

The row id should be a variable and you can increase the variable by one right before you navigate to a new screen.

I dont think it work because my design will display all picture in page no1 and to define the row we need to put number on it. correct me if i am wrong.

Can you post a link to your project? I’m having a hard time understanding what you want the second screen to look like.


here the link of my project. Just focus on screen name page1 and page2.

let me know you not able to open the link.

Here’s a more dynamic way to program this using Any Component blocks. I first get the position of the image that was clicked from the list of all images (either 1 or 2) and add one to it and then use that as the next row # variable for the rest of the code. This will work with any number of image components rather than having to program each one individually.

If you don’t want to use Any Component blocks (they can be confusing) then you can do the same thing by saying When Image1 is clicked, set app variable next row # to 2; When Image2 is clicked, set app variable next row to #3. And then after both of those, call the get image and DM function.

Updated project link: Thunkable

i am not able to view the updated block because my account has exceed the project.

That all the block? page 2 no block on it?

I did not change any blocks on the page 2 screen. So yes, those are all of the blocks I used.

Hi @tatiang

I just tested your block and was not what i want.
it education apps for kid just want to stick with current design, which is user click on image and details of it will display in next page. from next page user able to go to next row/cell.

Unfortunately, that’s not what you described above so I was trying to help you do something different.

I’ve made a demo similar to that in this post and the one below it which has a project link: Project with many screens makes slow thunkable - #4 by tatiang

Maybe that will give you ideas about how to do this.

I have shared my project so that how I want. Anyway thank you for your contribution and time. I appreciated it most.