How can I paginate through rows of data in a visual display?

I wrote this code to display information about multiple exercise on a single screen. But was not able to resolve the issue coming in next nd back button. Can somebody help me with that? I have attached the screenshot of my code and spreadsheet for the same

Thank You in Advance!

You haven’t explained what you’re trying to do.

What should the next and back buttons do?

And what is the purpose of checking the row number?

Like when I am clicking next I should see the next exercise.
Purpose of checking the row number is trying to extract data

Inside both the if conditions, change the ‘and’ block with an ‘or’ block

Also, instead of putting the get values inside screen opens block, create a function and put those blocks in. Then you can call the function after both change variable blocks

I am getting the first exercise which is walking but when clicking on next I am not able to go to the next exercise

I edited my reply above, check that

Thanks! it worked

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