How to clone buttons and get info´s from this buttons

Hi guys, here i came again, i have this project:

All columns have 3 buttons, first button are the background image, second the name and the last the rate from this object…

My problem now are when i click in any button mentioned above he need go to another screen, in this screen will have info´s about this object…
Like this:

So if you see in the first image, this object is the first on this list… How when i click to see infos about this object the app recognize the object where I clicked and bring the right information to this other screen?

Does screen1 tells the second screen that you clicked button #5, as opposed to #1.
That is what each button needs to do: gather the relevant reference to put in some app variable “selected_object”.

how to do this? what´s blocks i need to tells to other screen?
Have a image and a button on screen 1… how to click in this button on screen1 and go to screen2 with the same image from screen 1? because in screen 2 dont will have image, only the “component image”
(little project to understand this)

You save the pertinent data in “app” variables.
App variables are accessible in all screens, so that is the easiest way to make them talk with one another.


I do this blocks, but in the first screen have an error, what i need change to do right?

You cannot initialize a variable to a dynamic value. Image1.Picture is not set to anything at the time of load, so you need to initialize app.Image1 to a static value, like “0”, or empty string " " etc.

Setting it to the value of Image1.Picture will have to be done in a procedure or event block.

Finally can do it:
here the blocks: