Processing a request from one screen to another

Hi all, I encountered a problem that the blocks on the second screen can not interact with the blocks from the first screen, how do I transfer text from TextInput when you press the button to screen 2 in the Label

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Hey @g.gshnik.topx6eb

Please tell us what you’ve tried so far. Have you had a chance to checkout the tutorials on YouTube or that we offer on the platform?

I ask as there’s lots of great resources available here. Usually folks use variables for this type of action.

What kind of app are you trying to build?

Thunkable have app variables which as the name suggests, will be available through the app.

When you enter any value in the Text Input field copy the value to an app variable, then use the Screen Opens block of the other screen to assign the value in the app variable to the Label in the other screen.

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