How can I create different variables clicking the same button?

Hi, I m working with a note app. I need that when the user clicks the “SAVE” Button automaticaly generate a button and a “new variable” with it, in which when the user clicks that button he can acces to the textsinputs and images saved in it.

I m using Any component-create button but my problem starts when I have to set the variables, i dont know how can I do it

Here is an example:

Also Idon’t know how to set the taken photo as a picture

If someone can help me i would apreciate! Thanks!



I would have done so, create an object, which added all the necessary information, and then the object is assigned the Visible property of a button. When you click button, the object you’re reading from the Visible property and get all the necessary information.

You understood my idea to store information on the face buttons for easy access to it?


Thanks you very much for took the time to answer but i m learning yet, i didnt understand, i dont know how to use objetcts

Check it

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Thanks you very much! Where do you think that i should store everything and how?

You need to stored data that will need to be accessed by pressing the button. If this is an image, you need to keep a URL to the image and so on.

Hi @Leito,

This announcement has a brief explainer of how the Any Component blocks work.

If you have any requests for some additional tutorials please let us know.


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Thanks Dom!

Now i m having problems with Google Play, i can download the app through the link but i cant find it by searching for the tittle

Hi @Leito - sorry for the delayed response.

If you’re having an issue with publishing your app please create a new post in the #creator-lounge with an outline of the issue you are facing.


Hey @domhnallohanlon Please I really need help, i need the Iphone and Ipad Screenshots to pubish in IOS PLEASE I started to distribuying the app and only Android Devices can download it