[Solved] Add user comments to my app

How do you make an announcement feature where the devs could share and announce news to users and they could also reply?

Hey @kacecorporationv, welcome to the community! :wave: Where you post depends on the contents of the post.

if it’s related to an app you developed, share it here #SuccessfullyTHUNKd or here #ShareYourApps

if it’s related to an issue with Thunkable X share it here #thunkable-cross

and if it’s just news in general or something you want to share with the community, post here #off-topic

and if it’s feedback for the system in general you could post here #feedback


Hi @kacecorporationv

Are you looking for something like the push notifications component?

After rereading this, I think you’re way closer to what he wanted @domhnallohanlon

Sorry for my confusion @kacecorporationv

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Sorry I wasn’t being clear but no not push notification. I want it to be more like the facebook timeline. People could comment but only I can post there. Again sorry if I wasn’t being clear. @jared

like a blog?


@kacecorporationv the UI could be as simple as a TextInput and a button, but the blocks would be a bit more challenging.

You’d need to fetch all the announcements, have a way to associate comments with announcements and also to upload and share all of that with other users. Seems like a good place to use Object blocks to me.

Who are you making this app for @kacecorporationv

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Okayy then is just an announcement feature without the comments not too complicated to code? I’m a bit new to this and we’re doing an app for our community.

I think it’s not that hard/impossible to do, do you want the comments to be readable by everyone?
Do they have to be signed in to comment?

Is the community of users numerous?

Not really for the moment

Sure. This could be done with the diy list viewer idea and airtable.

That plus this

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Thank you!!

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