Help, please! I want to know how to make blog posts

Hello, I am a coder that recently started using Thunkable
How do you make blog posts into an app? I am making an app for my school and would like it if I could make a news part for the app.
Thank you in advance!

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I think you want to make news app for your school :school_satchel::books:.
Am I right?

Yes, that is my intention

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So, what is your question?

Reply Please.

@ethan.odonnell2020 ,

Check out this great example. it should get you started.

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Would this work if I instead made it into a news page?

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Hey @ethan.odonnell2020!
You can put your news in a Data Viewer list by setting all your news in your Data Table.

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Thank you for this!
How would I set it so that certain users can edit/create the news?

I also use Firebase, can I send it through that? Or would I have to send the new apk to everyone when there is new news?

Just one APK. Changing the firebase data will appear in app automatically

Ok, thanks for that
Will It come up as an article? If so, which should I choose?
There is “Create your Own Table”, Airtable and Google Sheets

@ethan.odonnell2020 ,

You sound really excited to get your school blog up and running! That is great!

Here is how I would suggest you get started:

  1. Add a list viewer to your project List Viewer - ✕ Docs
  2. Add a text box and a button that add blog posts to the list viewer
  3. Set up your realtime firebase account Realtime DB by Firebase - ✕ Docs
  4. Create a sign in page for your classmates Email Sign In by Firebase - ✕ Docs
  5. Save data to Firebase using Cloud Variables
  6. Put it all together by saving your blog posts to Firebase and having the list view display the list.

I hope these suggestions will help you get started.

Happy Thunking!

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Hi there!
You can either use a Web Viewer component to insert the blogs and create vlogs using this. Or you can simply put a heading label and type the vlogs in a read-only and multiline text input.

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Thank you so much for this! I am using this currently!

Happy to help, always!

do you still want it i have best solution than ever