[Solved] A problem with the Alert component

Hi everyone. I’m having some trouble using the Alert Component, my problem? Well when it displays the “show” function it opens but, when I press the confirm button it doesn’t navigate to the other screen.


Note: It’s in Portuguese.

Hi @nickolas

I recreated this in one of my own projects:

When Live Testing on my Android test device it opened Screen1, as expected.

Is there something different that you are doing in your app? i.e are there any other defaults that you might have changed?

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Is your screen really named " . . . MENU" with all the extra blank spaces?


On my device, spaces in the name of the screen do not cause problems, but I would not recommend using spaces in the names.

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Can I see your screen name
as the block is showing {space} MENU.

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Hi, @nickolas! :wave:

If you could provide a shareable link to your project, it would help us all check your project for the screen name & other things.

Learn how to generate a link here.

Thanks! :blush:

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Sorry guys, I’ve found what the problem was, it has nothing to do with the button or alert component. As I was searching at former topics I’ve seen one that said:

“Are you using Stack Navigator?
If yes, then according to your blocks, on profile screen has code to take back on home screen. Going back by clicking home button does not work in Stack Navigator.
You can only go back through your device’s navigating back button.”

I am using the Stack Navigator and that was why the button wasn’t working.

Thanks for the answers and the help.

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