Alert Cancel Button Bug


Recently I encountered an alert with the "Alert: component in Thunkable X. For some reason, whenever I try to make a one button alert (Just Confirm), at first the alerts are fine and only show the first button, however when I reload the page, all of the alerts that I made one-button alerts, now show the text “Cancel” in the cancel button field instead of nothing. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, is there a fix for this bug?


Hey @ianphaas when you say:

Are you reloading or are you refreshing your project in Thunkable Live?

Is this with a web app, or what page are you reloading?

Can you confirm whether or not this is an issue when using Thunkable Live, or installing your app, or both?


I am reloading the project editor in Thunkable X.

I’m having the exact same issue, but it only appears in Thunkable Live. When I have a 1 button alert setup and that specific page is refreshed, the next time the alert is triggered it just gives me the cancel prompt instead of the “Ok” button I setup.

I’m only testing the android version of my app in Thunkable Live, so I can’t say if this is solely on bug in Live or in Android itself.

Edit: I fixed my own issue! I needed one 2-button alert and several 1-button alerts in my app. I had been individually specifying the alerts messages and button lists. However, I found Thunkable X does not play well with using the same “Alert1” for different alert types. Instead I set up my “Alert1” as a 1-button alert and added “Alert2” to my app for the 2-button alert. That’s seemed to fix the issue for now.