Alert options not showing up

I’m new so I cannot see what is wrong with my blocking here. When the alert appears, the two “button” options “Confirm” and “Cancel” are not there.

One thing that I know I am unsure about with “alerts” is the way these numbers are used to identify the buttons in blocks shown above. Is it given always that “1” = “Confirm” option and “2” = “Cancel”? If I am supposed to define these relationships somewhere, do I do it in the blocks or in the component parameters’ pane?

All help appreciated.
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Comfirm = true

Could you be a bit more specific? Your answer doesn’t mean much to me at this point.



Can you see the project from this link?


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Your App does not show alerts in Live Test but use the thunkable x live app on your phone and it is fine.

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Thanks to both of you. I am still trying to get my head round alerts. The manual is not very helpful and there isn’t much in the way of youtube tutorials. I’ve used this before in AI2 without much drama but somehow the usability for beginners in Thunkable X is not as straightforward as it might be.

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