Complete newbie > how to use alert


I’m sorry for this stupid question but I have been trying to use the Alert with a button and I’m not getting anywhere. Can someone send me the blocks for a basic OK Alert. I can’t even get that far.

I hope I’m not wasting too much time but I looked in the docs, and there was nothing there that I could understand. I looked at some tutorials but they used the notifier and not the alert. I lso did a search in the community and I could not find anything useful for me at least.

Many thanks in advance

Hey @infow7, welcome to the community and thanks for asking this question.

I can help, sure!

I’ll start with, did you read through this?

  1. What are you trying to get the alert to do? just alert the user, or allow for actions to take place?


go here and check out the Sandbox. the first screen in that app will show you what the alert can do. then go remix the app and see how it was done.

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Thanks, that should keep me busy for a while. I’m sure I’ll get what I find here.

Thanks again


How did you go with this?