Using alerts to display important information (with video tutorial)

Video Tutorial
In this short video tutorial, you’ll learn how to build alerts in your Thunkable app to display important information, warnings, or prompts to users:

Template App

  1. Click: Thunkable
  2. Click Copy Project in the upper right.

Let the community know….

  • How are you using alerts in your app? Share examples to help inspire ideas!
  • What challenges have you had with setting up alerts?
  • Where could alerts help improve the user experience in your app?

Look forward to hearing from everyone, and if you have any questions or feedback about the tutorial, please share in the comments below!


This is wonderful @lindsay1, thanks for posting!

What do you all think about tutorials like this? Do you have any suggestions for other types of tutorials you’d like to see? Let us know by commenting in this thread! :arrow_down_small: :arrow_down_small: :arrow_down_small:

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This is an excellent tutorial! :+1: Clear, straightforward, short enough but still immediately useful.

Including a demo project is really helpful, too. What I would love to see with these tutorials is:

  1. A link to the documentation page.
  2. A link or resource or comment about next steps. For example, I’ve used Alerts but always struggle with creating custom buttons using blocks. Where should I look for that? A separate tutorial video? Documentation? Community Forums?
  3. A creation date. Users often complain that it’s difficult to tell which tutorial videos are current. And since there are two interfaces (Snap to Place and Drag & Drop), it would be good to specify that, too, probably on the title screen for the video.

Thanks! Keep 'em coming!


Thanks for the feedback @tatiang! It is valuable and so appreciated!

To address your points:

  1. Sure! Happy to include links to associated docs in these community posts. Great suggestion! (Although I realize I forgot to do this with this morning’s post about the barcode scanner. :woman_facepalming: I’ll go back and edit after this.)
  2. Great suggestion. I’ll collaborate with the team to think of additional resources we can link to for futurue community posts.
  3. Interesting. I’d not considered adding a creation date to the Thumbnails. :thinking: While I don’t think it’s necessary if you’re viewing on YouTube, it could be useful for Creators viewing here in the community or in the docs. I’ll ponder this some more. Thanks for the suggestion. We definitely had issues with differentiating STP vs. DND tutorials in the past, but haven’t heard much noise about that since we implemented the following updates to all STP tutorials on YouTube:
  • “[Snap to Place]” included in all STP tutorial titles
  • Thumbnails clearly indicate that they’re STP tutorials
  • Unlisted on YouTube. They’re still accessible and linked to from the STP Docs, but Creators shouldn’t be stumbling on them while in search of DND resources.


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