Alert Usage what is the value to be given for Cancel and Confirm buttons
If some one can kindly show me what blocks does a Cancel and Confirm take to enable them that would be awesome. I have tried text, logical and math none of them worked.
Alert1 sheet I have left it empty plan to fill it on the fly.

Hey @anandavardhana57zwwl, the Alert’s Cancel and Confirm blocks are to set the text of the buttons. The button(s) will show up if you specify a text to display.

Here’s a demo that will show you how to set up an alert:

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Wow!! I would have never imagined it this out quite complicated and involved. Just superb solution!! Thanks a lot Tatiang. You made my day and merry Christmas for you. You might recall, on your recommendation I have filed a bug report about the Inadequacy of the Thunkable documentation for Alert. I am going to give this as an example. Whew thanks.

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You’re welcome! Alerts should be simpler in my opinion. It took me a while to understand them.

It would be great to have the standard call Alert's Show block have two inputs: confirm button text and cancel button text (both text strings) and either an extra output in addition to wasConfirmed or a single output called button pressed (a text string).

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