Bug with alert block

Playing with the Alert → Show dialog and the “wasConfirmed” block, I managed to really screw up my app. Now I’ve got like 100+ “wasConfirmed” blocks after dragging the alert → show block around. Chrome on Mac. Those are not graphic artifacts, those are actual blocks that exist that I’ll have to delete by hand now.

Also, how do I get the alert to actually show up?

Sorry about that. It is a known bug which happens when you try to pull out one of the ‘with output’ blocks but don’t pull it out enough or if you try to put a pulled out one back or too near the one that it in the slot.

You need to make sure that you have some text specified for the ConfirmButton property.


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ConfirmButton don’t accept any argument …Text or anything …

Any idea ?

Can you be more explicit on what you mean? What are you expecting to see or happen that you are not seeing or is not happening? If you have an example app that you could share or a screenshot that might help!


thanks for replying.
As shown in the screenshot, I can’t match “Ok” text and ConfirmButton .

And also, the Alert1 “Show” doesn’t show up; only Alert1 “ShowButtonlist” pops up, without the Ok button.

I thought this was a known issue, but didn’t find any related discussion in the forum.

I am using Chrome browser on Windows 7, 64 bit

Thanks for your help


Thanks for the clarification!

If you don’t need the text on your confirmation button to change dynamically, I would suggest just setting the ConfirmButton Text property in the designer rather than via blocks. I.e.


If you really need to set that text dynamically via blocks then you need to set the ConfirmButton property to an object that has a Text property set to your confirmation text and a Dangerous property set to whether or not confirming the alert should be considered a “dangerous” operation. Here’s an example:


Sorry for the complexity and the fact that this is not mentioned in our documentation.

Hope this helps!


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