Update alert (title, message)


I am working on an app in 2 languages (French and English).

I would like to update the alerts but it does not seem to be working:

Here is the link to the project:


There is unfortunately very little documentation about alerts: Alert - ✕ Docs.

I think the buttonConfirm value might need to be an object. I’m not sure. But the buttonTitle and buttonMessage are working in your project.

This works for me:

Thanks for having a look!

It still does not work for me, even with the Button List :face_with_thermometer:

If I Live Test this in Chrome on a Mac, I see the following (I changed “Message” to “le message”):

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 3.40.34 PM

Here’s your modified project:


Thanks @tatiang!

It seems to work for the web app but not on the Thunkable companion.

Sorry, I didn’t understand your message.

I’ve found it necessary on Android Live test to also specify the style