Thunkable Alerts Bug

When I set the title and message of an alert in real time and then show the alert, the title and message do not come up, until the next time I press them. Has anyone experienced this?
I am doing a list viewer which when you click on an item it prompts them to confirm to delete an item. However the message only comes up the 2nd time you click on an item. So if you click on a different item, it displays the previous items message.

can you show a screenshot of the code you use to accomplish this task?

Show your blocks to get help. You may be doing something wrong.

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Thanks for your help… pretty sure its a bug.
If I move the code to a button, so they click on the list and then press the button, it works fine.


can you add an alert for that specific feature?

How do I do that?

Do you mean setup another alert component? That doesn’t make sense in this context. As the list could have 100 items on it, I can’t set up 100 components. It’s a bug in thunkable as far as I can tell.

Is there a bug reporting feature in the forum?

This is not ideal but I found a solution, by adding a one second delay! It now works, but there is a delay which isn’t ideal.

Does you alert have a default message? What is the shortest possible delay that works?

Yeah its fine. I set the wait to 0.1 seconds and you can hardly notice it and it now works, but this is a bug not in my code, but in thunkable.

I wonder if it takes that .1 second for the app to update the alert method argument

I wonder if it was already an empty starter message, would that work,

Or does the list picked method to extrapolate the item name take the .1 second.

Are both operations a little slow?

I tried it with no default title & message in the alert and with text in. I think as you say whatever way it is updating the alert, it takes a millisecond and it’s not doing it sequentially I guess, as it moves onto the alert code too quickly for it to take effect. Anyway a 0.1second delay works fine.

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Could you report this to the Github bug forum? Pretty please ??:slight_smile:

Where do I go for that?

I also have problems with the alert, and I’m pretty sure it’s a bug.

If I build the app the alert works fine, but if I test the app with a live test on my Pc the alert disappears and does not work.