[SOLVED 1/26/24 6:10 AM EDT] Connect Airtable with OAuth


I try to follow instructions to use an Airtable DB, but…:

Connect Your App to Airtable by OAuth

  1. Click Connect to Airtable . → OK
  2. In Thunkable, click the data icon in the left side panel to access your data source library. → OK
  3. Click the plus sign at the top of the panel. → OK
  4. You can select from previously added data sources or add a new data source. Click Create New . → OK
  5. Select Airtable . → OK
  6. Click the OAuth tab. → OK
  7. An Airtable authorization screen opens. → KO! Any screens is opening!
  8. Click + Add a base . …
  9. Select the bases you want to authorize access to. …

Where is the problem??


What is the problem??

At point 7 of the instructions, I expect “Airtable authorization screen opens.” but it not opens…

Sorry!!! I had the blocks on popups…
It works!!!

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