Airtable's API will be deprecated on Jan 2024


I was creating a new Table ID when this came out.
Anyone was already aware of this?

Will Thunkable will keep on working with Airtable or shall I find another solution for my new apps?

I don’t want to alarm anyone, just asking what would be the best option or advice.

Thanks everybody!

I’m curious about this, too. It’s a little under a year away but it would be good to know if Thunkable will support personal access tokens in Airtable.

@tatiang We are aware of this and are looking into how to best support Airtable once this change takes place.


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Just an update here: as of v415-1, OAuth integration for Airtable is now working. This is the pop-up. you will see if you are adding in an Airtable Data Source
Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 12.19.27 PM

You can still use your keys for now (just select the API Key tab instead of OAuth. New keys can no longer be created as of today. All existing keys will no longer be able to be used starting 1 February 2024.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks, all!

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Is this only on the drag and drop interface? I do not have this option on my apps yet.

Also will we be able to convert from API to OAuth without having to recreate things?

@ahansen6wtnt The option to sign in via OAuth is available when you add in a new Data Source for a Data Viewer Grid or List.

If you are signed in with OAuth before the permanent deprecation of API Keys early next year, there should be no need to recreate any projects.

Unfortunatelly, with the data source you can only list 100 rows. I have many more!.
Could you please edit the airtable (invisible) component to have the Outh option so to be able to use the whole airtable datasheet and use the same project?
Or can you create a block to retrieve “all raws” from the Outh Airtable Data Source in the same way it is possible to retrieve “all rows” from the Airtable API?
Thanks! That would be incredibly helpful.


It’s a great update, but there are thousands of blocks available, one fix all would take days. It would really be a steal for us if you could write code that could allow us to handle this more practically.

Hello, currently I do not use the Data Source method to connect my app to Airtable, I use the Data Airtable method in which you enter the ApiKey etc. Will there be an update for that part? I attached a picture of what I use.

i am still confuse as to if my key apps will just stop working once i switch now i am see that it only does up to 100 rows?? i have more rows than 100

@f7a4d55febb042 @candy @doctorsof @danielemazza67b @ahansen6wtnt @tatiang To answer the additional questions that have been posed here:

  • Will I have to modify my blocks at all after connecting via OAuth? If you are using Data Source blocks in a Drag and Drop project, you will not. When connecting with OAuth users should select the same bases that are already connected with API keys to ensure Thunkable has access to those bases using the new authentication method.

  • Should you publish an update to your app(s)? No. The migration happens on the backend and the moment you migrate from API key to OAuth the backend should start talking to Airtable using OAuth tokens.


so i suffered a panic attack after re adding my first base because the bases in my other app went blank

soo people need to go to airtable and add each base back

@candy After authorizing with OAuth initially, can you go into your project, delete the data source, and then add it back again again and see if it is working? I have isolated a bug where adding or using a data source immediately after granting access to Thunkable via OAuth is causing errors.

Thank you!

since my project is read only i cant really do that i have tested it on other projects base showing in some its not

@candy Did you downgrade after publishing your app?

yes i did downgrade but i have to get my apps working i am testing a number things to find the issue . i have notice is if you have more than view in your airtable base it does not show in thunkable so i have to delete some view but i already missed up my app trying to figure this out

We are working on isolating the issue but I don’t yet have a timeline for when a fixed will be released.

We are seeing success with the work-around I mentioned above but you would need to upgrade back to Pro to access your project(s) again.

Hmm an expected expense …

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