Airtable's API will be deprecated on Jan 2024


I just checked creating again the airtable data source using oAuth on a test project i did needed to redo my data viewer list.

What about the airtable data components (in order to read/writte in specific tables through blocks) do i need to delete and create again? Ive tested deleting and addind again with the same name and ive needed to reselect de table in the call blocks… Does this mean we will need to go through all call blocks to manually select the name table?


Hello I’m very interested by this topic

can we still use Airtable Invisible Component ? it still requesting API key ?
with the base added directly , we only have few access to interesting function
no more “getallrows” for exemple ?

i realy need your help here


Once you get over the oAuth process everything is the same

Hello Kizzy,
Thank you for your answer
do you have access to getAllcolumns and getAllrows function with OAuth Process ?

Because, the only way i find to use it, is to add the airtable invisible component and connect it with api key ( which doensn"t exist anymore ).

with Oauth access, i only have access to " data sources " functions and not the “airtable” functions
i’m i the only one ?

i add my bases in from airtable then i use them the same way go into airtable integration and just allow third party access to the base
my app i almost 80% airtable so i would know its the same no difference.

sorry to insist kizzy,
because i perfectly understand what you say
i added my base on a data source to by using Oauth, but it does’nt give the acces to the function on the screen " call getallrow …"
I’m I wrong ?
the only way to have it is airtable component and it don’t work with Oauth

i hope i’m wrong

ok you are using drag and drop umm let me see ehh i sorry i am using the old layout you probably have to get staff help i really don’t like drag and drop just seem to missing a lot i never really got into to it so really sorry i can’t help u with that

Thank you very much for trying
Maybe someone else can help here

I’m not in reality using drag and drop neither, the old layout allow too to add the airtable component :

I add somme screensshot again :

i’m able to use Oauth by adding the data sources from airtable :

DataSources design

and i have then access to what i call : “data sources functions”. We can do lot of things with it but not filtring lot off data ( unless we do loops and conditions which very time consumming for the app)

But, even in the old layout, we can add the " invisble airtable component " :

to have access to other very interesting functions that allows to filter quickly and cleanly :

But as you can see on the screen before, we need api key for that, which is not accessible anymore

anyone had this issue ?

oh in the first pic you are using snap to place? yea u can still see all the components and it still has the key in my app still uses that format i did not change anything like removing the key so it still works as it should but if making a new app yeah see still ask for key i dont know maybe they would have to fix that before the deadline i am kind of worried now as to what would happen because my app homepage images is set to get row image etc hmm… ahh always an issue

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I am still using WebAPI to connect to Airtable and use the GET, POST, UPDATE functionalities. Please help me with the conversion processes/blocks for this.

Thank you.

Just use the Personal Access Token in the as your API key and it will work

Hello @matt_conroy ,
thank you for your help here.

I found myself in a similar problem where i never used the button “Add Data” but i am just using the invisible component (that still requires APIkeys) and blocks in the app.

Is there any viable solution for this particular case?

What can it be the best solution for just switching from APIKeys to OAuth in such case?

Sorry i am a bit confused on what to do, if need to rewrite blocks or create a new table and link it to Thunkable from zero authorizing the OAuth

Hope you can help

Thank you for your time

@maurizio.polverini89 You will still want/have to authorize Thunkable via OAuth in Airtable, even if you previously only used API keys and not a data source.

To do that:

  1. Click on a Data Viewer List or a Data Viewer Grid
  2. Click ADD a data source
  3. Click Create New
  4. Select AirTable
  5. Connect to AirTable using OAuth

You may need to re-connect the blocks in your projects to have the changes take effect but the blocks should all still work the same way–all that is changing is how Thunkable communicates with Airtable.

Hi @matt_conroy thank you for your help.

I’m in the process now to change all the Airtable’s connected blocks.
I have more than 10 apps in the stores, all of them use tons of blocks Airtable’s related, if there is a little tip you can give me on how to proceed faster it would save me, not joking, 20 days of work.

It would be great if i can ask a couple of minutes of your time to answer to these questions:

  • Do i need to change every single Airtable’s block like Set.TableName, GetCell, SetCell with related "Value"s?
    Or i just need to pop them out and put them back in?

  • Once i connected throuhg OAuth like i just did, do i need to do it again for every single app?

  • Also, now that i have connected the base through OAuth for this specific app, do i need to Add Source to every single table i have displayed or once is enough?

  • In this picture it shows me two Airtable based connected, i guess one is from OAuth and the other from API keys. Which one is which, do i need to swap?

Thank you very much for your kind help

Hi @maurizio.polverini89, let me know if you have any more questions on this!

You can just pop them out and put them back in.

Nope, once you give Thunkable access via OAuth and set the bases Thunkable can access, they will all have access.

Just the once is all you need to do.

You will only need one data source once integrating via OAuth and it should not matter which one you keep but to be on the safe side, keep the one from your latest OAuth connection.

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Great, thank you very much!

I have no more questions for now.

Thank you for you great help, as always.

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Hello Matt,

Thank you. Just to make sure: I have connected my app and its database in Airtable with OAuth; is that all there is to it? Can I leave blocks in a query like this one just like they are now or do I need to change them?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @maurizio.polverini89, let me know if you have any more questions on this!

Well @matt_conroy, yes i do unfortunatly, i’m sorry to bother you so much.

I tried what you said: pop the blocks out and put them back in. I don’t know if it’s working as i did it with old app, so it was working anyway.

What happened is that when i created a brand new app and a Airtable’s base, i connected it to Airtable through OAuth straght away, i never connected it with API.
I realized that the Airtable’s blocks dont work at all, they will always show me the error “undefined” even tho everything is connected. (see the topic here)

Also strange as there is a data viewer list gathering data for the same table in the app and it’s working just fine.
Data viewer connection is working, the blocks unfortunatly are not.

I had to use Data Source blocks instead that, i’m sorry to say that (you know i love thunkable and your job), it lacks of many features and has more than a few bugs.
As consequences of this test made, i think i will have to swap all my blocks in all my apps from Airtable’s blocks to Data Sources.

Since the 24th of January (the day of deprecation) is approaching very fast, i would really love an extra help on this, as my first app income is entirely relying on an app that uses specific Airtable’s blocks that can’t be replaced with Data Sources.

Like always, thank you for help and your time, i really look forward for your kind answer.

Hello Maurizio,

I had the same question as you and today put that question to an ICT-expert I know and who has worked on my app. He did some research and experimented and this is his response:

In short: I think we are good here. The depreciating API Key connects 3rd party apps like Thunkable to Airtable, which is replaced by OAuth now. So, basically, this allows the “Data Source” blocks to work.

Whereas, the API Calls or the Web API uses API tokens which is different. So, functions like “sendQuery” will still work as usual… I believe…

So we should be good, at least as far as the existing apps are concerned.

Fingers crossed - if it turns out to be different 10 days from now, He is going to fix it (I hope) and I’ll keep you in the loop.



Hello @peterroxv6
thank you for your time to reply.

Yes, the mistery got solved for this deprecation, thank to the thunkable staff. They told me the same, the Airtable’s blocks are not going to work anymore and they need to be replaced in the app from the Data Sources one and the apps need to be republished.

I wish i could use the sentence “we should be good” with my customers as they are relying on my apps for administrations, selling procedures and customer/staff management.

Hopefully everything is going to be alright, we will see it in 10 days.

Thank again for your time replying

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