How will the update process for existing apps with airtable be?

As many of us are awared, airtable will update to oAuth on February 2024. This topic is to know how and when will this update be available for existing apps on Thunkable side (I assume already published apps will require an update). This questions are not meant as a complaint, but as a way to prepare the corresponding updates for already working apps.

Other related Questions:

  1. Will the blocks code stay the same? (If not, will the functionality be the same?)
  2. Will the update on thunkable side just affect the configuration for airtable? (I hope this is the case so there is no need to update the blocks :frowning: )

Greetings and thank you in advance,

Hi there @Ironchorch_Yo, thanks for asking these questions.

We’ve updated our docs to include information about connecting by OAuth:

This should answer your questions but let us know if you have anything else to ask!

would i have add my bases all over again or create new base ? or just add one base and that updates all?

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Really important questions, will we have to modify all our Airtable blocks or will it be updated automatically after changing the data source to oAuth?

From the documentation it looks nothing will need to be done apart from connecting to the base with oAuth…

Also when the switch is made what happen to current app using key does the data stop showing and people need to update the app right away?
or is it better to update the app with a new database and leave the old one alone as to not disrupt current users till they update?

I have read the documentation, but it seems to be written only for “Drag and Drop” users, right? When I switch the documentation to “Snap to place”, there is no explanation about 0Auth.

Does that mean that I am forced to use DnD when I want to continue with my apps? I still work with SnaptoPlace, because it gives me a natural way to plan my layout.

… and I am very happy with SnP.

i am using the old one snap to place and i saw the option to change when adding new data source but my question is when the switch is made will it affect the key in the old source i don’t want my app to suddenly stop working

@Michael_Rogulla @candy OAuth is working on StP projects, as well.

question is when the switch is made will it affect the key in the old source i don’t want my app to suddenly stop working

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