Airtable connection is not working from now

It was working fine until a few hours ago. But now there’s no airtable connection. And the connection was updated with the new method.
Does anyone have the same problem? And does anyone have a solution?
I think get data is not working from airtable.

I recieved this mail from airtable:

The Thunkable third-party integration’s access to your Airtable account has been automatically revoked by Airtable due to security concerns around refresh token usage. This sometimes occurs due to misconfigurations of the third-party integration.

To continue using Thunkable you may re-authorize it. If you would like to contact the developer about this issue you may contact them at

You can manage your third-party integrations from your account’s integrations panel.

@doctorsof Can you check and see if your integration with Thunkable is still active in Airtable? You probably just have to reauthorize

To do this:
Visit your Airtable homepage.
Click Account in the top right corner and select Integrations.
Choose Third-party integrations.
Click the > arrow on Thunkable Third-party integrations.

If it is not there, you’ll just want to re-authorize Thunkable using the steps found in our Docs:

I fixed but i am using StP i didnt fix from StP. I create empty app from DnD and than i saw add data source and connect airtabe i fixed in DnD.
Am i change DnD all off my app instead of StP?
I mean all of updates coming to DnD instead of StP?

Hello Matt, I hope you are well. I am also presenting this problem, airtable revoked the authorization to airtable, twice in 24 hours, the data viewer lists, sometimes they simply load and the data does not appear.

I also work with StP and the solution is simply to go to data source and re-authorize thunkable through oauth.

But for now I must make sure that access to the database is not revoked so that my app does not become inoperable.

I hear your frustration here. Unfortunately, this is all because of a change that Airtable made to how tokens are refreshed. You can read more about that here: