Airtable not sync

i keep getting complaints from people using my published app that airtable is not loading then i have to come into my project and sync the data source then it loads in the APP i don’t know if it is something on thinkable end but i have been having to do this on a daily basis so if staff can look into this

Hi @kizzy, have you tried resetting the integration with Airtable?

If you have done this and are still having problems, can you open the project in web preview, and let us know if there are any Airtable errors in the console?

As for resetting the integration in airtable i check that first a couple times for some reason Thunkable Intergration was removed unbeknownst to me restoring that solve the issue in the past when that was the problem which it is not now

there are no errors if i click view datasouce it shows nothing, then i click refresh or sync then when it shows in the project the live publish app also populates i did not always have to do this just like pass month i kept getting complaints

Are you making changes to the data source in Airtable or has it remained the same?

the same for months and i am on a paid plan in airtable soo…

Again today once more i had to go in and sync

please check it out i should not have to go into my project many times in a day to refresh the datasource

Had to go in and manually refresh data source again it cant be only i that is having this issue

@kizzy We’re looking into this–it is hard to troubleshoot without specific errors in the console or when loading the datasource.

When you open the Airtable datasource in Thunkable, the screen is also blank or does that populate with your data?

Could you also link the URL to the project?

Yes when it was not loading that would also be the issue but it seem to working as of yesterday

If it is working now, that is great! One thing to keep in mind, regardless of whether you are using a paid Airtable plan or not, is that Airtable has a limit of 5 API requests per second.,section%20of%20the%20API%20documentation.

So if many users are using the app and the app does call Airtable data often, you may be running into this issue.

what even tho i am paying? that is ridiculous anyway on my next update i have a favorite tab which will be saved to phone data source so should help if the issues comes up again

Those are Airtable’s limits and for whatever reason, are the same regardless of plan type.

There was a problem fetching the data, please check your input and try again. when this happens my live app does not show anything also

i am really at al a lost now airtable not loading again in my publish app how am i supposed to deal with this?