[SOLVED 1/24/24 11:06 AM EDT] Google Play Developer account has been terminated

Hello. I have two developer accounts, the first was terminated in Dec 2023 the second in Aug 2023. I want to appeal for both developer accounts and hopefully getting back one account. In the first account 3 apps was suspended that’s why, the second account was suspended for, They say: your Developer Account is sharing information with, or is related to, other Developer accounts that have been terminated from Google Play for violating Google’s policies.(note the second account was terminated first not the first account) and that time the first account was not terminated. It is possible to recover one or both of the accounts?

This is not a question about Thunkable so I’m not sure you’re going to get much help here.


@gergo.halasz33z, you’re going to need to contact google.

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Hi @gergo.halasz33z, thanks for reaching out about this.

As others have stated, you will need to contact Google about this issue. Unfortunately, we have no control or contact with Google about specific Google account related issues.

Thank you!

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