Google suspended my developer account for no reason

One day google suddenly suspended my developer account without any warning or any informations… I dont know why they suspended my account… I contacted them… But no replys… Its been a month… I think they are cheating me…
I know they have the rights to suspend my account… But i also have rights to know why… Because i spend 25$… What about a legal procedure against them?

I guess you missed your mails from them. And if they suspended you without any warning i am curious what kind of app you made. You have to contact them yourself, we can not help you with that. If you want to take legal action you are also on your own. Good luck.

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Im not missed the email… I checked my mailbox several times… No mails…
I Made a movie details app ( without no ads ) with an option to download subtitles in our mothertongue (malayalam). These subtitles are made by our team… So there is no problem of copy rights… I contacted them… But they are not replying.

The only one that can help you is Google.

Yeah… I know… But they are not helping anyway… So i want to know about legal actions… Everyones opinion

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