👀 SNEAK PEEK: Thunkable Courses

:eyes: Sneak Peek: APP101 Introduction to App Building

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We’re delighted to invite all community members to preview our very first online course, “APP101 Introduction to App Building”, which will be officially launched next week.

You can sign up and try the first course here: https://courses.thunkable.com/

Right now, you can watch videos, review key concepts, remix projects and even attempt your first Thunkable assignment. You can even interact with this community through the new #app101-app-building-course section.

All over the world people find themselves in the unexpected position of having to work, live and learn from home. The Thunkable team have worked from their homes these past two weeks to get this course to you.

Now we need your feedback so that we can provide students all over the world to with a helpful and entertaining resource to learn app development and to help them with their computer science studies.

If you know any parents, teachers or students who you think might find this useful please send them a message or an email and let them know that courses.thunkable.com is now available and free to use.

Thank you and stay safe!


@Community_Testers @Teachers @Power_Thunkers @Video_Creators @no_coders @trust_level_2 @trust_level_3 It would be great to hear your feedback and we’d really appreciate your support.

Also, as new introductions and assignments arrive in our new #app101-app-building-course section, please say hello, leave a like :heart: and if you can, please help them out with some feedback on their projects.

Thank you all for being shining examples of everything that is great about this community!


Hello from Italy! Hi @domhnallohanlon, Hi @Mark , I’m so Happy about this new Thunkable Course. And thanks also from my students. Our schools are closed since February due to COVID-19 but we still continue to have online lessons and coding!

Bye bye Paolo T.


This is really cool! What a great idea! Thank you for bringing this to the community! I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for their posts and help/praise as often as I can!


This is amazing! :smile:

Absolutely!! :smiley_cat:

@domhnallohanlon I have a question - What categories will the courses range? i.e. Beginner / Intermediate / Advance?

Thanks! :blush:


Good question @kartik14. The goal for this weekend is get feedback from the community and to make sure that everything on the new learning platform works as it should.

Next week we’ll officially launch this intro course and after that we want to release a gaming course.

Longer term though, yeah, absolutely we’d love to have all different levels of difficulty in the courses so if you have topics that you’d like covered please feel free to suggest them!


Thanks @domhnallohanlon!

That sounds amazing!

Love it! Great news :slight_smile: Should we enroll to give you guys feedback? Or should I send it to my girls, so they can try it out?


Yes please @Sofia!

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Perfect, I’ve already sign up for it and told my students about it. One last question, where should I put the feedback? by e-mail? in the forums?

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@domhnallohanlon This is a wonderful idea.

How can I contribute? I know how busy you guys are. I have already created apps and launched it on playstore and appstore using thunkable.

I would love to contribute by making a few tutorial videos. Let me know if I can be of any service.

Take care
Donavan Naidoo

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