Simple "save" button won't work

Unless I’m missing something or misunderstanding Thunkable X vs MIT APP Inventor, this should save my 3 text input boxes to a TinyDB, and take me to my HomeScreen…but it won’t :confused: Am I missing something?Capture

There is no screenshot attached ? Mistake ?

Oops, my bad. Post has been edited and photo added

What does it show you at the output ?

Usually it’ll appear like “Mr. Tech Bot”, be saved to TinyDB and that value used across all the inner pages of the app

Can you tell us exactly what behavior you are seeing or, even better, post a share link to a simple project that demonstrates the problem?


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I think I figured out the issue. Mostly due to lag on the tablet I was using Live on. If I sat there and just watched the screen for about 30 seconds, it recognized the click and went to the next screen lol.

I also have a similar issue, my app became slower these times. Hope it gets fixed soon !

Wow, that’s seems pretty slow! If you could post a share link to a simple project that demonstrates the problem, it might help us in diagnosing the problem.


I can’t share an aia of the issue :frowning: This is just the first screen of a multi-screened project. That’s all the coding I have for the first screen. It’s simply meant to gather who the user is and set it in the db. If you duplicate that coding on your screen and it works fine, then it’s gotta be the lag issue on my end. As I said, it’s a really simple block of code that works fine on the app I created in MIT App.


It’s seems likely that the culprit is the contents of your HomeScreen screen. Could you share either your whole project or, even better, a project that contains just the first screen containing the code above and the HomeScreen? The easiest way to do the latter would be to copy the project (see here for how) and then create a share link that you could then post (see here for how). Note that sharing is done differently for Thunkable ✕ than for App Inventor (i.e. we don’t send around .aia files).