Works in Thunkable Live, doesn't work as an .apk

Hi everyone. The below code takes an item (book title) and saves it to a list of the user’s choice.

Works like a champ in Live. When I download the Android .apk, the .apk doesn’t save the data to the list of choice. It never saves and triggers the success alert. Anyone else seen this type of issue? Thanks for the help!

Try it for yourself below:

I was just thinking about making a similar sort of app today! :smile: (we invariably end up giving or receiving duplicate books around this time year!)

I tried to create a small sample app that recreated this, but haven’t managed it yet. (but have managed to observe the behaviour you reported!)


Still no solution to this issue that I’m aware of. The app works fine in Live testing, but will not save data when running the .apk file in Android.

Here’s an updated link to the public app.

I’d be interested in seeing if anyone else is experiencing the same issues.



I will see your project.

Your complex blocks I was a bit simplified. You might like it.

i too had similar issues, where i display the audio , video and label from urls from airtable . It was working all fine in the thunkable live but in the actual apk file, when i open this screen, the app crashed

Solutions pls :slight_smile: