Simple Barcode Scanner


Hello people of the Thunkable Community!

There are many QR/Barcode scanner apps on Google Play. But, most of them are ugly (as in not material design) and not very user friendly. Plus they have WAY too many ads! I wanted to make a decent scanner for everyone to use that is both easy to use, and has non obstructive ads. And with that, I bring you:

Simple Barcode Scanner!


Link to app:

Special thanks to:
@Mika for their QR Generator extension, @Said_Dev for their internet connection checker extension and @taifun for their tools extension.

The app was created with Thunkable Classic.

Thanks for reading!

(Also this is my first post ever and I’m relatively new to the community. That’s why this is a pretty long post.)


It’s a nice app! I actually really like it :smile: the colors is a little boring but otherwise it’s really well made :smile:



The reason the colors are dark is so that the app is easy on your eyes if you use it in the dark. But still thanks for replying :grinning:


Where can I get the QR Generator extension & internet connection checker extension?



Coming right up!

QR Code Extension (QR Generator)

[Free] Easily to detect if your app is connected - Internet CHECK (Connection Checker)



Thank you!


No problem.


I’m also making a simple scanner. How to make the history tab?