✉ Sign In to Thunkable ✕ with any Email Address


At Thunkable we believe that anyone can build an app and since launching, our gmail-based login has made it super simple to get start creating cross platform apps.

That being said, we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to use our platform so we’re excited to being you this new sign in option.

Log in with any Email Address

Our redesigned login page now looks like this, with a new button to allow you sign in with email

It’s time to put that old AOL email address back in service. You can sign in with any email provider your want, and not just an email that runs on Google Apps.

Click to Sign In

We’ll send you a link to sign in with. Clicking on this button will keep you signed in for 30 days at a time, unless you choose to sign out before hand.

Live Testing

Naturally, this means that we have to increase the number of ways you can live test.

Make sure you have updated your live companion app before trying this!

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to use a code if you are logged in with a Gmail account, the following only applies to non-gmail users.

When you open the app on your phone click the text that says “Need a code? Click here” and a 6 character code will be displayed:

Now, when you click “Live Test” you will see a prompt asking you to enter your code.

Login via email in web app and apps (instead of Google)?

Login via email on the Live app play button on a project on the startpage redirects to a screen saying:

Make on Thunkable x Class Sign Up
Firstname Last Name Email Address
Reserve for $25

So not using an Google account for login is a PRO feature that costs $25?

Edit: This does not happen when I click the play button on my own project, so maybe just previewing remix apps is a pro feature?


Hi @mbetz2,

No, not at all - you can use whatever email provider you like at absolutely no charge.

Are you trying to remix a private project by any chance?

Can you send me a screenshot of this message?



Thanks for the clarification. I’ll try to reproduce the error.