Frequent "Sign with email" when I use Thunkable X. Is it possible to have a regular login, pass?


I’m evaluating Thunkable X for several days and see that it asks to re-login too frequently:

  • when I try to open a sample project (being already logged in and able to edit my app),
  • when trying to open membership to check prices or
  • when trying to open a demo project from a link on

It’s really annoying. I use e-mail which is on my phone, not laptop, so each time I need to copy the login link from my phone to my laptop.
Have no problems whith other services like google, github and many others - I login once and stay logged in when using different sub services from google, for example.

Does Thunkable have problems with cookies or some sort of advance analytics which kills user experience in my case?

Hey @MartinP,

thanks for the question. This isn’t something I’ve experienced personally, but we’ll try to figure out what’s going on here?

Just to get clarify one thing first - are you using sign in with email or sign in with Gmail?


So, here is my flow:

  1. Open Private Window in Firefox
  2. Go to
  3. It asks to login
  4. Enter gmail address
  5. Receive the link for login (SSO)
  6. Click on the link - I see my projects
  7. Go to
  8. User is not loged in there
  9. Click login
  10. User logs in automatically via SSO (thunkable doesn’t ask for a link)
  11. Go to Thunkable Sample Projects - ✕ Docs
  12. Try to access an example: Thunkable
  13. Receive a request to login via link again:

    Here is my Firefox 69.0.3 (32bit) settings:
    No adblockers are used for Thunkable site (still I have some filtering done by my ISP)