Thunkable down?

It’s several hours that I can’t log in to thunkable, anybody knows?

Hey @maxb - just saw this message now.

I’m not experiencing any significant down-time like this.

Can you try logging in via an incognito window if the hard refresh doesn’t work for you?

Hey @domhnallohanlon, if I go to with the normal window where I’m already signed in I see nothing, instead it loads the page if I open the page in incognito mode.

I hope it’s nothing serious…

So you are able to log in with an incognito window? Or no?

Yes I can. Phew I was very worried.

But still I can’t from normal window,

you know what it could be?

I’m not sure @maxb - I’ve been using the platform all day and only had a few seconds of down time around 16:30 when an update was released

Are you using or forced to use a VPN?

I wonder if this could interfere with connections for any?

it was working fine until today,
the platform IS working, it just doesn’t work anymore from my logged in firefox but it does work from the incognito tab