Should use text code and blocks combined together

There are blocks code,but i want people to learn computer science more,so they should not only use blocks but blocks+text.the code format should be selected when creating the application.

Hi @zbk0612eip8w. Maybe in the future Thunkable X may consider this, but the idea is to be no-code (visual coding).

If you’re really interested in learning CompSci, then Thunkable is a fantastic way to learn the concepts of coding. Functions, if statements, variables, loops and more are all fundamentals in every high-level programming language. If you are really interested in trying out coding a good place to start is with Python or JavaScript, though I recommend Python. Something like CodeCademy or W3 Schools are fantastic stepping stones. If you wanted to focus on web development a really amazing course (which is also open-source) is The Odin Project. All these courses require zero knowledge of programming going into the course, though it really helps if you’ve used something like Thunkable before.

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