Setting Up Blocks to write to Firebase

Hi all, I’m building my first app and I’m super stuck. I’m building an application which allows me to track my climbs on the stairmaster, but it just rewrites the information over and over again.

I need to create transactions, where each transaction has the following information:

In each “Climb”, I need the following info:

userName (can I use their email address ? I heard that firebase doesn’t allow that)
date (can this just be a time stamp?)

In the end I want to create a list of climbs that I do, which I can scroll through by date. I also want to be able to add up all the steps and all the floors into a grand total, like the Nike Running app does for your lifetime miles. But to start, I need to figure out how to get this data into the database.

Right now, I can record the totalSteps, totalFloors, totalCalories, totalTime - but it doesn’t record the user or the time, nor does it create a record for each time new information is entered, it just overwrites.

Any help would be appreciated, and then I’ll write out a full how-to when I’m done to contribute back to the group.

This is what I have so far:

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