📨 SendTh.at: Darren's iOS, Android, & Web Photo and Text Transfer App

In his videos he repeatedly says he uses canva to design the images of the buttons.


Yes, Canva.com. I use it too

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Thanks a lot @muneer and @suqar-skiies_scratch


There’s no such thing as overed… Grammarly keeps changing things

If anyone wants the sendth.at web app link PM me

you mean https://sendth.at?


Darren has already sent the link… So have I, so basically, everyone would follow Darren’s.

I am saying the code and the design not the website

Okay, that’s fine…

yep idk why

isnt it open source…

:framed_picture: SendTh.at Release 3

Release Notes

SendTh.at now has a better web experience!


Demo of New Features & How They Were Implemented


All download links can be found here:

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Screenshot 2021-08-19 151909

I came with this Idea before you, though it directly transfers it

This app is from June 2020, while you seem to be a relatively new member. Nevertheless, I’d love to check out your app! Can you post a link in Share your Projects, maybe?

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sorry, that was just my idea to improve

How can you improve something that you claim you did it first?

Very strange :thinking: :thinking:


I meant I did that, except that notification for “upgrade to pro” thing sounds :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: so I deleted

@Darren’s app is not similar to meet at all. Are you talking about Google Meet?

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no, it sounds pretty that the topic was meet, at least it’s video is not working so I ended to say creating a new section for "audio"

Hey @Darren I have just mailed you a glitch of sendth.at it is a video we can’t upload video so I have sended on mail.