📨 SendTh.at: Darren's iOS, Android, & Web Photo and Text Transfer App

SendTh.at: Simple, Minimalist, Cross-Platform Text Transfer

With SendTh.at, you can send text between all of your devices. Ever needed to transfer a link, note, or text from your phone to your computer? SendTh.at is for you.

  • Step #1: Enter your text
  • Step #2: Enter your one-time passcode in another SendTh.at app
  • Step #3: Receive your transferred text

SendTh.at does NOT require you to create an account or use bluetooth or airdrop.

SendTh.at App Demo

How It’s Made

I have a full 10-video playlist that shows you how I made this app. Check it out here: How I Made SendTh.at with No Code (Download Today!) - YouTube

Use SendTh.at

You can access and use SendTh.at across ALL platforms!






Congrats Darren :clap: :bouquet:

For your second app


Nice app! Simple and useful.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to write text on several lines.

You can do this, but its a little buggy.

When you press enter / return, the text field loses focus. But when you click back in, you are on the next line.

I haven’t figured out how to not lose focus when return is pressed. Anyone know how?

just press enter+shift :smiley:


I discovered that when I receive a code from the app. It shows it in a text box, is this the intended behavior? Or should this be a label?


Good question!

I chose to use a text box so that you can click on it, select the code, and copy it. This is so you can just copy and paste the code if you want to send it to someone instead of trying to memorize it and retype it in another messaging app.


:framed_picture: SendTh.at Release 2

Release Notes

SendTh.at now supports uploading and transferring photos!


  • Users can now send Photos/Images
  • SendTh.at will auto-detect links when receiving a transfer
  • Updates to screen navigation

New Features

(1) Upload and transfer photos from the photo library.

Note: Photos can only be sent from iOS or Android, not the web. However, all platforms can receive photos.

(2) Open auto-detected links

Sendth.at now skims through the text that is transferred. If a link is found, it will ask you if you’d like to open it. This prevents the need for the extra step of copying and pasting the link from the text to your browser of choice.


All download links can be found here:

Future Updates

These are the next items I will be working on, please share your suggested features as a reply!

  1. Allow users to share the codes and instructions to access via text or email.
  2. Add a more robust solution for managing codes. Note sure what I will decide on, but some thoughts are deleting items after x number of hours and checking if a code already exist before using that code.

Again, please let me know if you have any feature suggestions!


Hi, why can’t I see the update over there? Like images or text type sending?

443695 for message

Hello @Darren,

I have a question regarding your app, do you mind explaining how you were able to detect links automatically? Thanks!



When the user enters their code, I try to retrieve it from Firebase. If a value is found, I store it in the response variable.

Then they go to a separate ‘Display Response’ page.

When this screen starts, I check to see if the text that was returned contains http. If it does, then I strip the link out of the response using some text blocks and prompt the user if they would like to open it.

Hope that helps!


Hi, Darren!
I have a question
How did you make the SendTh.at app make the random code and be able to send over the files?
Thank you so much!

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it is like aes communication

I cover that in this video:

Here are the blocks:

When an image is uploaded, I save the image link as text.

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isnt it like aes communication ?

This app is not working on my PC; Whenever, I click on ‘Send’, it shows the text input in which the code is to be displayed, but instead, there are just a few hashes there.

Yes, even I receive only ###### as the code.

sAme for me
is it that like some subscription or something has overed?

What’s AES Communication?