Select a Sheet not responding

Why is [Select a Sheet] button not working. It’s preventing me from selecting a Google sheet I want to pull from.

To repro:
-Add a data viewer list to your project
-Add Data Source
-Create new
-Choose Google Sheets
-Press on Select a Sheet (Nothing happens)

Paying Pro user
macOS 150.15.5
Chrome 87.0.4280.67
Popups are allowed
Thunkable is not connected to this google account

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I think the html code for this select a sheet is bad.
A solution could be to add a button on the My Data Sources page. [Add new source]

Can we get this in the app quick, I need a solution to add my google sheet now.

It works for me on a Mac running Chrome 87 in OS X 16. Maybe clear your cache and try again?

@tatiang I just cleared the cookies and other site data & cached images and files, no change. Did you have a specific item to clear from the list? I’d rather not wipe it completely.

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 10.24.06 AM

I can understand being hesitant to clear your cache. Actually, what I would do first is a hard reset of the tab. Hold down the shift key and click the reload symbol in Chrome. See if that fixes it. If not, you may still need to clear your cache. What you have checked looks fine but make sure the time range is set to “All Time.”

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I tested in Chrome, Safari, and Edge act all the same, cached completely cleared, all time.

To check to see if this is a bug with my account, I created a new account and behold the [Select a Sheet] button works.

@domhnallohanlon can someone at Thunkable please fix my account so this [Select a Sheet] button will work?

I checked my google permissions and thunkable is not listed.

Where as on the new thunkable account I made where I passed sheets oauth you can see it shows up for me to remove.

Hi, try this to see

I have the same problem now, I have found one solution.

Set header row and 1 and data row and 2 it’s working but if you put other number, this doesn’t work.

Neither of these solutions do anything for me.

I’ve confirmed further in this thread its an account issue not a browser issue.

I’m still waiting for my account to be fixed. I’m a paying user.

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