Google Sheet Login Issue in Data Source

I am trying to create a data source with Google Sheets but the moment I click on “Select a Sheet” the login with google sheet fails.

I have tried many times, clearing the cache and tried doing everything, but it still fails for me. It always shows the below error.


It first shows this popup

After clicking on it, I get the below error

Any help would be appreciated.



Better reach Thunkable support using the chat bubble in the right button corner of the Thunkable project page.

Most probably, your connection to Google need to be reset from Thunkable side.

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I am unable to find the chat bubble. I can only see the below option in the project page


Can you please help me.

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Look for this

It’s in the lower right corner of the screen

Sorry but its not available in my project screen. Maybe the chat feature is available in few regions.
I am accessing the site from India, I don’t see any such chat bubble.

I looked in below screens
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Just open any project in the design screen or the block screen and you should see the chat bubble. The aim is to talk to the support regardless of the project you open. Once you talk to them, give the details of the project which you have the error.

The chat feature is available to all. Remember it’s Sunday so you might only get a response on Monday USA time.