No response of "select a sheet" for Google Sheet

In my new project (after upgrade to pro), I click the button “select a sheet” for Google Sheet, but no response for that.
I’ve tried to allow pop-up for chrome, but still no response after clicking “select a sheet” button for connecting Google Sheet.
Kindly please advise how to fix it. Thanks a lot!!


Hi @jdhchurchapps, welcome to Thunkable!

When you click “select a sheet”, you should then see a grid view of your Google Sheets in Drive.

Are you signed in to a personal Gmail account?

This is from the documentation on Data Sources:

Some users have reported issues connecting to Google Sheets if they are using G Suite for Education accounts. The quickest way around this, for now, is to user a personal Gmail account. If you need a large group or class to use this feature then you may need to contact your G Suite administrator to review your security settings.

If you’re using a personal Gmail account, make sure you are not signed into another type of Gmail account at the same time. If that still doesn’t fix it, try clearing the browser cache and/or logging out of ALL Gmail accounts and then logging back into your personal Gmail account.

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Thanks for your reply.

My gmail account is a personal account, and is not using G Suite for Education.
Actually I can connect google sheet before becoming Pro user, but now I can’t connect after going Pro.
When I create new project → date sources → create new → google sheets, it shows “Name”, “Which Row Are Your Column Headers In?”, “Which Is The First Row Containing Data?:”. However, when I click “select a sheet”, no response for that.

Will it be connection problem for my account? Any more settings can be advise for me to try?

Besides, I’ve tried to use another personal email (not the purchased Pro gmail account) to sign in a free thunkable for trial, it works for me to connect Google Sheets to my purchased Pro gmail account!!
Kindly please advise if anything goes wrong for my purchased pro account?

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Okay, in that case I think you’ll need to contact Thunkable Support. You can do that by clicking the orange chat icon at the bottom-right of the project page.

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You need to contact Thunkable support and ask to reset your Google sheet credentials.


Hi @tatiang I also have the same problem in my PRO account. The Select a Sheet button doesn’t workable. How can I do?

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Thanks, @tatiang for a quick response. However, how to contact Thunkable Support? I only can see there are some cards showing that some instructions, updates after clicking the bottom-right-orange button on the page. Is there any way to messgae to Thunkable Support?

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