Seeking Professionals

Hi Thunkers,

I am nearing the stage of requiring an overall Audit of my project. I have decided to give the first opportunity to those that have contributed most to my project through these type of Communities.

If you have experience in most the the below, please forward me a private message. Those offering their services will be doing so under an NDA arrangement as this project is Commercial in Confidence.

Skills required:

Arduino - especially ESP32, e-ink, NDEF nfc, QR Libraries.
Node JS

If you feel you have general knowledge in the above and are willing to teach and coach me through an intrinsic Audit of my project, then I look forward to hearing from you.

Admin; My apologies if this is not the appropriate place for this post. Your guidance is always welcome.

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Hey @eddie.rebehy - just checking in to see if you had any luck here?

not yet. It will take me several weeks to document my project for anyone to be able to make sense of it so Iā€™m not in a huge rush yet but I will definitely need some one soon. :slight_smile: