Looking for Thunkable Freelancers

Hello everyone I am working on an APP and I am looing for a freelancer to help me complete it. I searched for some community posts and i couldn’t find any. Do we have a place where we can find them? Perhaps there is a list of Thunkable Freelancers?


Hey @zander

Happy to help you find someone to help build this for you! One thing that will be helpful here would be to include your project requirements, timeline, and any other relevant info that doesn’t require an NDA.


Hi @zander!

As Jared mentioned, we are happy to help. Can you send me an email at cassandra@thunkable.com ? We will connect you to one of our vetted freelancers based on your project needs.

cc: @domhnallohanlon


Hi Zander,
If you are still on the lookout for someone I would be happy to help you, as I am an experienced Thunkable freelancer and what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise
You can reach me on andrewjohnson.56782@gmail.com
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

Hey Andrew i appreciate you reaching out, I found a freelancer but will jeep you in mind next time I need one.

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