I need someone's help for designing

I need a good Thunker on UX, colors, mixings. In short I want creative thunkers who know what users like the most in designs.
You can mail me at browncoatjustice52forsocial@yahoo.com.

BrownCoat Justice

Hey @browncoatjustice52, welcome to the community :wave:

We have lots of talented developers here, who definitely match the description you have above.

Before recommending anyone, can you tell us a little more about yourself (or your company), what sort of apps you want to build, who you’re target audience is and what your approximate budget would be for this type of project.


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Oh. no @domhnallohanlon , I am not such a big company guy, just a simple coder with a goal of having my own computing services. My latest app is all related to Outlook, Skype and WhatsApp (You guessed it is a communication, chat, video calling beast app.)

If you ask about the budget I guess I would be using Firebase Spark’s Cloud Firestore (I might be upgrading it due to peak time, but until I get noticed in the Play Store and App Store I’ll be using Spark.) And by budget you meant this right :grin:

Aha. Ok!

Perhaps you can use #ShareYourApps or #SuccessfullyTHUNKd to share some examples of the projects that you’ve build so far?

If you’re looking for creative Thunkers with strong design skills then the #creator-lounge is probably the best place to look.