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Hey Hey Y’all,

On the thunkable PRO personal. What does it mean with unlimited downloads (android only). But says unlimited publishing Apple Store and Google Play. Thanks guys! Wanting to upgrade but trying to figure out if Personal Pro fits my needs. Our a basic business

Hey @cresto.pgaxq2, thanks for checking in!

So with the PRO plan, you can download the APK file your directly on to your Android device without publishing it to the Google Play store.

If you did want to make your app available to anyone and everyone, you can publish to the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Makes sense now!!

Pro plan it is!!!

Thanks my man

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Another question on the pro plan

Is it unlimited publishing to the stores ?

How many people can use the app when they download from the Apple or Google store?


Hey Matt ,

Did you see my last message?

Thanks my man

Hi @cresto.pgaxq2, thanks for your patience. Yes, App Store and Play Store publishing is unlimited in the PRO plan.

There is also no limit to how many people can download your app from either of those stores once it is published–we hope as many as possible!

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