[Solved] Membership STARTER or PRO

With STARTER I can download the APK and upload it to the Google Play Store or only with the PRO plan?

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You need a Pro account to publish. See here for more information.


Always solid advice @Dean_Artis

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Yes, Starter allows you to download APK files…

…however Google now only accepts AAB files for publishing. I’m not sure what the story is with other stores, perhaps Amazon or Samsung stores will still accept APKs?

One note in relation to the new plans;

FREE is for folks who are brand new to the platform. This plan allows you to learn everything you need to know about Thunkable, work through all the tutorials etc. at your own pace and at no cost to yourself.

STARTER is for users who know what they’re doing and have a clear idea for a personal project they want to start working on, in private. This is our lowest priced plan because we assume your project isn’t live yet.

PRO is for users who want to publish their app and/or who want to generate revenue from their app with our monetisation components. Any PRO project can be published to Android, iOS and the Web.

BUSINESS is for companies or organisation who want all of the functionality of PRO with the added service of dedicated support rep to help achieve their goals on time and on budget.

Hope that helps clarify things!


Thanks @Dean_Artis and @domhnallohanlon
It had been a long time since I joined the Thunkable community here. Many things have changed on the platform and I was in doubt. Sorry for not looking for the information before and coming straight here.