How do agencies handle customer apps?

I was thinking of offering mobile apps to my customers using Thunkable
but was wondering how to you handle the download limitations of different Thunkable plans?

Any agency that can share their experience?

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Welcome to Thunkable.

The download limitation of the Thunkable plan is for you as a developer. Once the app is published in the stores (Play Store or App Store) then your users can download as many times as needed.

I hope I understood you well. Feel free to explain further if this does not answer your inquiry.

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I see, and the apps can be published either in my Google Playstore account or my customer’s?

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Whatever you agree with your customer. If you act as a developer then your customer will contract with you to use your development services to create the app but the customer might want to publish the app by its name. All according to the agreement between both of you.

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