Screenshots Apple cant be retrieved from WebApp

Hi there,

I’m trying to get some screenshots for iPad and publish my ninth app on stores (apple and andorid).
This is the first time that when i try to open the app as responsive app, it opens the Splash screen and then everything becomes blank screen.

Everything works perfect on device and Thunkable Live, app is already working good on Play Store, so it doesnt seem to be an internal error.

Anyone faced the same issue?

Im not an huge fan of the new bar added while using thunkable live!

Thank you in advance!

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Works on your device but not as a web app? When you say splash screen, do you mean the beaver?

Can you show the blocks that are being invoked either on screen open or during transition from splash to first app screen?

Blocks on my customized splash screen


Blocks on Home_Screen

I tried already to exclude the Timer clocks, but still doesnt work.
It always shows blank screen after my customized splash screen

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Can you open the app in your browser on the computer, when the app crashes, open the developer console and see if there are errors?


Comes out like this, but i honestly dont now what it’s referring about…

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Remove the device is online condition and test without it.


I’m not sure if this would help but according to Thunkable docs, local storage is not supported as web app


Tried, still nothing unfortunatly, just another error

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Now, you need to set some labels to know what is going on.

one label in the splash screen and in the place just above the navigate to [Screen_Hone] followed by a wait block with enough time to see it in the screen. Write something in the label to let you know that you reached to the stage just before goin the Screen_Home.

With this you would know if it reaches to this stage or not.

If you can see the label with whatever you display in it then your problem should be in Screen_Home.

Thanks for your help!

I’ll try, but how’s possible that everything works perfectly on Thunkable Device and if the app is downloaded through stores, but not as web app?

If there were issues, they should have came up there too

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See my comments above

The web app will not support Local Storage. This is why.

You’ll need to start by replacing local storage with stored variables. :slight_smile:

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