Screenshot code within an app

I have a student making an app with a finger painting screen and then they would like the app to take a screenshot of the painting and store it to display on another screen later. Is that possible with Thinkable–to make the app itself take a screenshot, perhaps when a timer fires? I can’t figure out any way to make that happen. So just wondering if anyone knows.


Do you mean the using a Canvas to paint?

If this is the case then you can store the image of the canvas by this block

You can save the image in a Firebase DB for now until Thunkable makes another way.

However, once the image is saved in Firebase DB it can be retrieved by another user having access to this image storage location in the DB and display it in the app.

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I think you can Use the image from canvas block to get the image from the canvas.
However i have no Idea how to download within Thunkable.
The best option to download it is to send the base64 file to a website/HTML file and download it from there.

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This might be helpful:

I also know @codeswept was working on a similar issue so they may have a suggestion.


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