Making android app which can store images in the app and viewed by all app users

I’m trying to make an app which will display the captured images in a gallery with a description to every image(the image must be visible to all app users).but i’m not able to store it on the device and also do the above mentioned functions . please help me with that.

Sorry, but I do not understand the whole mechanism. You can step to describe what you want to do? Where the images are fetched, which means “all users need to see it”, as you want to save the image if this function is Thunkable X no (keep text only)?

To ensure that all users see the same information you need to use FireBase.

firstly ,how to create a gallery of all the pictures taken ?
Secondly , how to make this gallery available to all those who use the app?
And , how to use the firestore(firebase) and cloudinary( I mean , what blocks are to be thunked)?

I think the linked information will help you