Can i draw a picture (Something like a signature) on my app and save that as a image (jpg or png)

Thunkable X is the ability to do something like this?
I saw :


He used WebViewer to do a draw but I did not see how to save as a picture.

Does anyone have any idea?
For example, use another web (by using WebViewer) and then export that as an image and download it. (This is my opinion but I did not know a web like this)

You can create vector graphics and then save it in text format in any available location — in local storage, in AirTable, Firebase, etc. I use a format similar to SVG.

To save it drawn in a raster format, take a screenshot of the screen and save it in a file, etc.

Another solution can be found here.


Thank you very much, and I appreciate that. But for now, I don’t understand how to draw an image of signature and then save it.

However, I will tell you about my target clearer.

  • the real goal is to create a report from a mobile application with a signature.

  • I want to draw a signature by mobile app.
    ** only draw step I saw your project then I found that you used HTML canvas to do a drawing.

  • Then I want to save a signature (from a mobile app) as an image (jpg or png) to google drive.

  • Then I will get the image link and put it on google sheet cell (I already know to do this step)

// every step will run automatically when I click the button on my app after I finish checking other data and draw a signature

// other step to do a report I do it finished.

// and I do not graduated from faculty about computer (I graduated from mechanical engineering) then I sure I will do not understand about computer language clearly enough. I will say sorry if I ask a stupid question. I will do with my best.

you can use screenshot extension?..

I’m afraid your task will require some programming knowledge (Javascript, PHP). If you like the way of using the HTML canvas, then you will need to convert this image using the canvas.toDataURL method to text base64 format and then send it somewhere to the server to save it to an image file.

Another way is to use the phone’s system capability to create a screen capture To do this, you need to see how you can do it on your phone.

Thx @actech

Do you have any example about coding for HTML in Thunkable and JAVA script in google script (for google sheet)?

However I get a point to do that from your answer, I will try with my best.

Thx again.

how can i do this ??

There is an example of working with SVG on the scrHTML screen.

On my iPhone6 ​​screenshot is done like this: while simultaneously pressing hold the Home button and lock. How it is done on Android, I do not know.

On Android, screenshot is done by simultaneously pressing and holding volume down and power.
Although I have one device with a dedicated screen capture button on the bottom taskbar (which is a mild annoyance, as this is where I usually grab the tablet from owing to the narrow bezel and end up taking more than my fair share of unwanted screenshots).